Conventional tunnelling

Underground construction jobsite: We feel at home

Underground construction for purposes such as road tunnels, railway tunnels, metro and utility tunnels are subjected to severe stress from nature. They require construction systems able to ensure durability and a constant protection against ground water and environmental exposure. Simultaneously, they must be able to withstand the requirements of different operating modes. Sigunit, Sikament, Sika Viscocrete and Sika Plan membranes are heritage products which are still used extensively in tunnelling works today.

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TBM tunnelling

Mechanised tunnelling

Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs) are very advanced pieces of equipment used as an alternative to “drilling and blasting” through rock and “conventional mechanical excavation” in soft ground. TBMs reduce disturbance in the excavation area which makes them ideal for use in heavily urbanised areas.

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Products for efficient and rapid mine development

Cost overruns and not matching the designed throughput rates are a common thread for mining operations, especially when ore is sourced from underground. Our concrete and Shotcrete technologies contribute to efficient mine construction under a suite of climatic conditions.

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