Stop the material from getting inside

The Sika® Stabiliser TBM range of products have been specifically designed and developed with a hydrocarbon-free, vegetable oil based formulation, which avoids any residual spoil contamination and is also resistant to water and ground pressure.

Main drive sealant

One of the most important and expensive components of the TBM is probably the main bearing. In order to keep this in good condition, it has to be properly sealed and lubricated. Sika® Stabiliser TBM H is a bearing sealant for TBMs with a strong grab and adhesion to metal surfaces, with extremely high wash-off resistance. It also has good lubrication and pumping properties.

Tail seal sealants

Tail seal sealants are injected between the rows of brushes in the gap between the tailskin and the lining segments to prevent water, soil and the backfilling grout from entering the TBM. Sika® Stabiliser TBM TS1/TS2/TS3 are specifically designed to be safe for use in urban areas and elsewhere that the ground water could be in contact with TBM excavations, in order to prevent pollution of the environment.