SikaFiber®-1050 B&BA HF is a steel fibre reinforcement system for beam and block floors using high performance cold drawn segment wire fibres that are continuously deformed to provide optimum performance within the concrete. The steel fibres replace the need for steel mesh reinforcement in the topping layer.

SikaFiber®-1050 B&BA HF steel fibres work in low doses to enhance concrete topping durability and reduce shrinkage cracking – meaning a lower-cost, lighter-weight mix that’s easier to install.

With no minimum concrete cover requirement, SikaFiber®-1050 B&BA HF is a cost-effective alternative to mesh reinforcement. It ensures resistance to impact abrasion and shattering, providing the strength and energy absorption of steel fibres but with reduced costs.

SikaFiber®-1050 B&BA HF are European Standard EN 14896-1 2006 compliant.

Steel fibre reinforced concrete slab on block and beam flooring

Key Benefits

  • Controls drying shrinkage cracking
  • Increases impact, abrasion and shatter resistance
  • Increases concrete durability
  • Reinforcement can pumped into place with concrete
  • Alternative system to traditional mesh reinforcement
  • Requires no minimum amount of concrete cover
  • Always positioned in compliance with codes
  • Safe and easier to use than traditional reinforcement
  • Reduces construction time

Key Application

  • Structural toppings to beam and block floors


Design Solutions

Sika can do the design calculations for your fibre reinforced slab for you, using specialist fibre design tools. This ensures you have the correct mix and specification for your needs. Every application is different, so make sure you contact Sika for each project.

Simply contact us stating you want a fibre design and we’ll do the rest.

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