Don’t get lost in the dust

On many tunnelling job sites, dust represents one of the highest health and safety concerns both for the external working area and for underground working. Therefore, a lot of effort is put into reducing dust generation to an acceptable level on a daily basis. Sika Dust Seal®-300 is a new product from Sika that prevents dust particles from becoming airborne and reduces dust generation over an extended time period. The product is fully bio-degradable and is diluted with water prior to application.


Dust generates all sort of problems, ranging from health and safety concerns due to reduced visibility and respiration issues to increased wear and tear of machinery and equipment as well as increased ventilation costs in underground workings. Sika Dust Seal-300 was designed to provide a safe, water based and environmental friendly alternative to current dust-sealing solutions.

Easy application

Sika Dust Seal-300 is  currently supplied as a concentrated liquid solution that can be diluted with water in order to be applied on underground and open pit ramps and drifts, haul roads, strips, dumps and stockpiles. The product forms a crust-like sealing layer with the dust particles that will last for an extended period of time. Watering efforts can be reduced strongly.