The manufacture and processing of coloured concrete is not only a current trend, but also a sustainable and attractive way to design concrete structures or building components.

Alongside the shape and surface structure, colour is a central design element for concrete as a building material. The effect thereby must reflect the desires of the building owner and the architect, being as uniformly as possible over the whole building component.

Sika® ColorFlo®

Sika® ColorFlo® concrete pigments is a range of synthetic iron oxide powder and liquid pigments available in numerous different colours. Sika® ColorFlo® pigment is permanent, stable and UV resistant. Solar Reflective Index (SRI) values are available.

On-Site Support

Sika representatives support the owner, designer and contractor on their projects from the initial design through to completion. Samples of proposed concrete formulations can also be provided so that the designer and owner can make informed decisions. Sika technical staff are available on-site during construction, so that the project is truly supported from conception to completion.