Project Description

The Stavanger Concert Hall consists of two halls, similar in size but with totally different functions. One is designed for natural acoustics to house the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra and the other a multi-purpose hall. The acoustic hall has 1,500 seats and can be ‘tuned’ for different purposes by moveable ceiling elements, whereas the multi-purpose hall is of more robust construction and can be arranged to accommodate everything from dance performances to rock concerts. A large plaza and outdoor amphitheatre, which can be used for outdoor concerts, is cast in on-site concrete with granite paving and colorful mosaics to add ornamentation. The whole area is softened with lawns, flowerbeds and climbers. The ramps and walkways are made of concrete with different brushed surface finishes, from fine to very coarse.

Project Requirements

The color palette of the building was defined by the building materials themselves. These were dark lacquered steel, light grey granite, aluminium and red colored concrete. The purpose of the concrete was to provide a deep red color to give a pleasing aesthetic and solid appearance. Sika Architectural Concrete was used on both the inner and outer facades.

Sika Solution

Precast concrete panels were produced incorporating Sika® ColorFlo® powdered pigments in the concrete mix. Sika® ColorFlo® powder was used for the interior and exterior red concrete to provide durable and aesthetically pleasing facades, which compliment the other building materials and define the character of the building. Sika provided technical knowledge to ensure that the concrete attained the correct strength and colours. Sika® ColorFlo® powdered pigment is dispersed evenly throughout the concrete, which ensures that the color is maintained even in the event of surface damage. Ratio Architects were awarded the Norwegian Concrete Element Prize for 2012 for their work on the red concrete façade elements for the Stavanger Concert Hall.