Project Description

A modern, futuristic self-build home in County Durham has recently been completed using the Sika® Watertight Concrete System. It is built into the hillside, close to a river.

Environmental considerations were high on the owner’s list in the design of the development, with underfloor heating, LED lighting throughout and a Sika Sarnafil® green roof, which together have resulted in the house having a U value of below 0.15 W/m2.

Project Requirements

A cost effective watertight solution was required for the lower floors that are built into the hillside. It had to adhere to BS 8102 Grade 3 (Habitable Space) – the British Standards Institute Code of Practice for protection of below ground structures against water from the ground.

Sika Solution

One of the reasons that the owner chose watertight concrete was that the 350m2 house was to be built in a difficult location set into a hill on the side of a river. He was particularly looking for ease of construction in the wet, dirty conditions, and so chose the Sika® Watertight Concrete System. The Sika admixtures within the concrete mix work firstly by reducing the water cement ratio, producing a highly workable concrete that aids placement and compaction, and secondly, by blocking the remaining capillary pores. This produces an extremely effective watertight concrete solution which meets the requirements of BS 8102 Grade 3 (Habitable space).

Another reason that the owner chose the Sika Watertight Concrete System was that the overdig requirement was less compared to other systems, together with time saving on site and a guarantee of watertightness that comes with the system.

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“We choose the Sika waterproof concreting system for this project because the Sika name is synonymous with providing quality waterproof concreting systems with a guarantee to back it up. Having looked at a number of other waterproofing solutions Sika was by far the most practical and cost effective solution for our project.”