Project Description

Three private town houses in an open location designed to blend into the landscape as required by the municipality to regulate new housing in Ottenbach. The open spaces between the houses provide the perfect transition between the rural and urban landscape. Coloured concrete and large glass areas and skylights together with the terraces give the houses a modern striking appearance, allowing excellent views and light, airy interiors.

Project Requirements

Simple, functional, aesthetic designed buildings utilising exposed coloured concrete panels that blend in with the location.

Sika Solution

Sika® Viscocrete® high range water reducing superplasticiser together with Sika dry concrete pigment were included in the concrete mix to produce high quality concrete in the colours required. The exposed concrete of the facades and soffits were coloured grey and other colours were chosen for interior areas such as the bathroom. Coloured concrete is both aesthetic and functional.

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Products Used

Coloured Concrete
Sika® ViscoCrete® 20RM
Sika® ViscoCrete®10