Project Description

The Hydro SA in Zug, built in 2010 and designed by Roland Kälin Menzingen, is located in the hills above Zug, and has adopted wood burning as its energy source. Many environmental groups are championing wood burning as a sustainable carbon-neutral source of energy. it has the capacity to replace the burning of 1.2 million liters of oil.

Project Requirements

Producing the 300 m³ of high quality, consistent colored concrete for the project was a skilled operation. Support was given by Sika Ag Switzerland both in the planning stages and throughout construction of the project.

Sika Solution

The objective was to produce a consistent colored concrete of high quality. Samples prepared in the laboratories of Sika Ag Switzerland allowed the owner and architect to see and make a selection of the appropriate shade required. Sika® Viscocrete® high range water reducing superplasticiser was included in the concrete mix with Sika dry concrete pigment which provided the colored finish.

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Products Used

Coloured Concrete
Sika® ViscoCrete® 20RM
Sika® ViscoCrete®10