Project Description

Fortel was appointed to carry out concrete pours for an industrial unit internal floor slab covering a space of 4,005 m² at Fleming Way, High Wycombe.

Turning to Sika for its expertise and concrete solutions, the project began and was completed by Fortel staff over a two-week period in January 2021, commencing immediately after the 2020 Christmas break.

Project Requirements

Fortel was employed by a long-standing client whom they had completed a variety of concrete projects for previously.

Pricing and timescales for the project were set by Fortel and the team needed a solution which would allow them to come in on budget and on time for the job but, more importantly, one which was robust and offered a high degree of quality.

Essentially, as is usual for concrete floorcoverings in an industrial setting, strength and durability are vital requirements of the specification. Additional preventative measures were required for this scheme to ‘futureproof’ the slab and protect its structural integrity from ongoing external and usage effects.

The freezing winter conditions at the time of installation provided an extra layer of complexity for the team, due to the difficulty in batching concrete at temperatures below 2°C.

Batches of aggregates will always come with some level of contaminant and usually these are tackled by adding more cement. This however increases project cost and CO2 emissions, something which the team didn’t. Therefore, Fortel needed a product which would negate this process.

Sika Solution

Sika® Stabilizer-500 VCC liquid admixture was specified instead of traditional admixtures used in the industry.

A unique concrete admixture, it is specially formulated to improve the plastic and hardened properties of concrete containing fine aggregates with variable contaminant content.The product can reduce the impact of deleterious substances found in both natural and manufactured sands and can help control water demands and lower cement contents whilst reducing variation in plastic properties.

Using Sika® Stabilizer-500 VCC, concreting was completed over four pours.

Project Participants

Fortel Group

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“Using Sika® Stabilizer-500 VCC liquid admixture was a unique aspect of this project from our perspective and the product did not let us down.

We had a tight deadline in which we couldn’t afford anything to go wrong and the team did a tremendous job in getting the task done within the time-frame.

The product has been perfect since its implementation and our client was very pleased with the finished result. We couldn’t have asked for anything more and will certainly be using Sika® Stabilizer-500 VCC again in future.”

Dil Singh, Head of Contracting at Fortel Group

Products Used

Sika® Stabilizer-500 VCC