Project Description

Bexleyheath Town Centre Revitalisation was an exciting major scheme to revitalise Bexleyheath Town Centre. The project was a Mayor of London funded scheme on behalf of Bexley Council and Transport for London. The project involved redeveloping the road layout and public realm to create a smoother traffic flow and improve pedestrian access and safety.

Project Requirements

The completed areas have to withstand heavy traffic including up to 1,000 bus movements a day, as well as giving a facelift to the streetscape.

Sika Solution

The Sika® Pave NF system was an important ingredient in the exciting major scheme to revitalise Bexleyheath Town Centre. The system was being employed to bed and grout the granite setts and tegula block paving in the area on and around Broadway. The Sika® Pave NF system overcomes failure problems associated with traditional bedding systems. In the Sika® Pave system, Sika® Pave Aggregate, a pelletised, lightweight sintered fly ash, is used as a bedding medium rather than using a bedding mortar. This allows the bedding to be carried out regardless of weather, as there is no cementitious product to be affected.

The round nature of the aggregate makes for easy bedding of the slabs. (For large joints of over 15mm width, the aggregate can also be used to partially fill the joints). The whole system is then postgrouted with Sika® Pave NF grout from a mixer/pump unit. This is a high performance, shrink compensated grout, that percolates through the aggregate down to the base layer, bonding the whole system together. A major advantage of this system is that there is no bond to fail between the slabs and the bedding material, as it becomes a totally homogenous base. The Sika® Pave NF system is a durable, cost effective and speedy

solution for paved areas that are subject to heavy traffic. The redesigned road layout implements new traffic calming measures and includes the installation of new street lighting and furniture.

Project Participants

Owner: Bexley Council Transport for London
Main Contractor: F M Conway

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